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When gold is dispersed and immobilized on base metal oxide particles as nanoparticles with diameters smaller than 10 nm, it can catalyze many chemical reactions at low temperatures. The catalytic performance can be tuned by selecting support materials and by controlling the size of gold. We are currently focusing on the size specificity of gold clusters with diameters smaller than 2 nm.


The title is "A Career in Catalysis: Masatake Haruta".
PRIZE Professor Haruta was awarded an honorary doctorate (Doctor Honoris Causa) from Université catolique de Louvain. From Oct. 1981 he spent a year at Prof. Delmon’s lab of the university.


Prof. Masatake HARUTA
Department of Applied Chemistry,
Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University
1-1 Minami-osawa, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0397, Japan
Phone & FAX: +81-42-677-2852   E-mail: